Hosted Beings was born

After two years of designing workshops and gaining experiencing with relevant techniques and settings, we decided to start a company around the Art of Hosting. Me and my two friends Joost and Marien had been ‘stepping up’ on many occasions, and felt the natural urge to combine our strengths and serve the world.

We sat down each wednesday, when each of us was able to find time for our endeavours. Each time we got a little closer to each other, and a little further with our plans.
But to go ahead we first had to apply the Art of Hosting steps to ourselves. So we laid down our own Chaordic Stepping Stones and┬áderived a shared purpose and vision. Then we thought long and hard about the way we would introduce our services, and were hoping to come up with some concrete product form. But this isn’t easy, as the AoH approach involves a lot of knowledge, principles and techniques.

In the end we all thought it would be beneficial for organisations to let us host their key moments, like important meetings, to allow them to see how people can work together in efficient and empowering ways. But that’s when we got in touch with our first client. An organisation comprised of hundreds of employees and thousands of psychiatric clients, having heard of the AoH, and wanting to get involved. After many talks we are almost there, and waiting for them to sign off on our first workshop. Exciting times!

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