Creating clarity in LIFE

Bare with me as I set out simple heuristics to help clarify any confusion you may have about anything. Bold claim, so check it out. After reading the whole, we can hold a satsang and help each other out with any question.

LIFE flows unidirectionally from source and is always now, and irreversible; Pleasure and pain lead to craving and avoidance; Memories are formed that differ with what is, creating friction in the mind and contraction in our body, leading to avoidance, judgement and thus to separation and FEAR. Becoming aware of this allows disarmament of thought and staying present, to experience LOVE through direct connection with LIFE. Creations from misalignment with LIFE by MAN lead to it’s corruption and corrosion, while creations from the flow of NATURAL alignment are beautiful and supportive; Sensations in our whole body while being aware of our alignment with LIFE help us to navigate, while thoughts tend to bypass our whole body and distract us from presence, leading to misalignment; The unidirectional flow of LIFE leads to EXPANSION, growing the numbers of beings, needing individuals to take responsibility for themselves and others to raise awareness around alignment with LIFE.

Most of my insights are heavily inspired by Krishnamurti, so I advise to read some of his work before reading on. I suggest the following order:

  1. Freedom from the known
  2. The awakening of intelligence
  3. Anything else, like his talks or notebook (very helpful as it shows how he perceived what he talks about).

It is not needed to read his work, but it might help. What I set out below should be simple enough to understand by anybody. Let’s cut it up into positions:

1. oneness perspective: the source expresses itself into unique creations in a one way fashion, always now

Ever since -and maybe before- the Big Bang, material life has come into being as a one way stream of vibrating energy. This is the most vital understanding of this ever forward moving expression: all matter decays and is transformed into something else, only in a one way direction. Meaning it can not be reversed naturally. Let’s call this constant transformation LIFE.

2. Pleasure and pain: where time is formed and thoughts are kept as memories

While everything will always exist now, time is a concept of the mind, created in the aftermath of pleasure and pain: our organism will keep memories of that which to repeat (pleasure) or to avoid (pain). As pain signals damage through contraction and withdrawal, and pleasure signals comfort and safety through relaxation and ecstasy, memories serve a basic survival function. Thought was initially born from these memories popping up to serve this basic function, but we have gone astray into worrying too much about future and past, and what this all means to our entire existence, leading to misalignment with LIFE.

3. Disharmony with what is in the now: creating from friction

From this basic survival function man constantly compares memories with what is, as to avoid pain and seek pleasure on the organic level. Without awareness this leads us to follow this pleasure/pain created thought stream and perceive friction with what is. Man now tries to create perceived solutions to perceived problems. So man wants to control this natural expression, and tries to manipulate, reverse or stop these transformations. I would hereby like to introduce the first boundary into grouping:

  • NATURAL, natural expression: from the flow of natural alignment, without obstruction or perceived stress, effortless, conscious
  • MAN, friction based man made creations and control mechanisms that interfere with flow and alignment.

Of course we can debate about this boundary that I introduce for the sake of simplicity, but let’s keep that for a healthy future discussion with interested peers. Instead I can give you an assignment now:

What do you feel?
Do you feel charged/electrified (as in the form of goosebumps, TRUTH-bumps, or whatever feeling that energises you) when going along, or do you feel contractions, leaking energy debating this with your own built identity of self and it’s accumulation of facts and strategies?

Many people find it hard to follow along with something. They don’t trust themselves to handle pain or uncertainty, so they try to harness knowledge to tell them what to do and how to think to avoid them. But they fall prey to the same principle: they create friction because they want the outcome of LIFE to be in concordance with their knowledge (which are just dead abstract concepts based on limited images and understanding). So they try to identify what they observe through memories, instead of being in direct contact with LIFE. And by doing so over and over, they propagate a way of operation which is based in FEAR of LIFE (because it is uncertain and may bring pain). I think the evolution of LIFE’s consciousness is not served by getting stuck in FEAR based living, which grows separation and contraction, leading to tension. All these phases serve a purpose when seen in hindsight from the next phase, contrasting with the shift into the unknown of the now, but being honest and clear about what is going on is a necessity to make way for these shifts.

4. Living from awareness: sense the impact of thoughts on the body

Having grown a new and powerful organism, the frontal cortex, man is overwhelmed by it’s constant firing of visions, fantasies and creations. But LIFE is bigger than any human alone, and I think it’s main agenda is to bring about more and more variations of creations. Thoughts are an expression of this bodily evolution (with each of us having unique experiences and dreams), and, like many of evolution’s products, not all thoughts are serving the individual or bigger perspective. It is important to become conscious about our thoughts and the origin they have. Do they serve us? What are your intentions with the thoughts? A stream of thoughts is not the same as healthy rational thinking by going to the bottom of things. Don’t be deceived! Are they based in FEAR of LIFE or from wonder from direct contact with it? Here lies a big difference. Sensations in our bodies will help us determine what is in alignment and what isn’t: contractions in our muscles and organs signal separation, while electrifying and fuelling sensations signal alignment with LIFE. This is the experience of LOVE.

5. LIFE’s expression is exponential: individual responsibility for ourselves and others.

Seeing the exponential growth in numbers of beings coming into life, it is easy to see that universal consciousness can only be established when individuals take responsibility now. Always now. Do you want to remain unaware of the impact of your being, amplifying noise and disarray, thus making it harder for others to find clarity around this and so propagate FEAR? Or do you want to come into alignment and affect those close to you, and help them come into alignment with the mesh of LIFE, and propagate LOVE together?

Taking this one step further, will you take reponsibility for the sensitivity of your wondrous body? The sensitivity of your organism created by LIFE is vital to perceiving alignment. Only you can determine with your divine being which thoughts and it’s creations are in alignment with LIFE.
U, in your fullest glory!

6. Dealing with confusion: the various disguises of FEAR by the MIND

I have observed that confusion behaves like cancer cells, or like a virus, always mutating to look different as to go undetected for what it really is. And because confusion exists, it must serve a function in the scheme of LIFE’s evolution (we can rationalise about this later). However, for an individual to lead a conscious life, becoming aware of it’s confusion and it’s variations can be very beneficial for obvious reasons. I am under the impression that any form of confusion is easily understood and mitigated.

First let me pose a bold statement: ALL FORMS of CONFUSION are expressions of FEAR of not knowing.

Now I can say that we don’t have to address the content of the confusion. So we don’t get caught in the trap of our powerful mind, which keeps redressing FEAR in all these different disguises, simply to continue old basal patterns of wanting security.

Now we can start asking questions, and while asking them we can immediately question ourselves:

  • Is this question ultimately born from FEAR: not knowing/trusting oneself, mind wanting a program, seeking affirmation (feeling separate), etc.
  • Or is this question born from wonder, from FLOW: direct connection and attention, no self awareness involved, genuine authentic interest.

Take the time to think about your questions and let them pass through this simple filter. Don’t let yourself be put off by your intellect when you were about to ask from authenticity, and analysed that it was indeed so. It still is, so ask the question. After living in alignment for a while the need for this filter goes away. You trust yourself and the bigger perspective to operate in alignment. You have started living in FLOW and naturally avoid confusion.