Becoming whole became my path. Which led to new insights. About my head taking turns, instead of my intuition. About people helping me grow, instead of more knowledge.

Friends then started telling me about my authenticity, my pure love, my upbeat and lasting energy. Which led to a new direction.
Towards a future together. Where we help each other out. Inspire each other. Where we can be ourselves in the flow of the now, instead of voices telling us who we are, what to do, what to say.

I now feel a purpose. That I may be of service when I am called upon. So I keep learning. About you, about us, about life. So I start asking the right questions. To you, but mostly to myself.

What do we really need?
What do we do to get there?

When I imagine it involves a lot of light, play, touch, laughter and grace, my body rewards me with truth bumps :)

If there is one thing I believe, it’s that we have come into being in a wonderful body that talks to us. And if we are truly sensitive and relaxed, we can listen to it. Maybe it’s the only real truth we need to live in alignment with LIFE.