A new beginning…

There’s always a new beginning.

And that moment came when I saw that I was heading nowhere with my cosy, comfortable life and the environment that goes with it. With tunnel vision I was moving towards a dimming light. I realised it was the shining light of my forgotten dreams, left behind, reflecting in my rear mirror.

So I started walking the walk. Slowly but steadily I lost the fake sense of security that barred me for so long. I walked into the open arena of human interaction. Allowing my intuition to be my guide once again, as I did as a child. And love prevailed. No darkness disguised as passive acceptance would hinder me now, now that I felt the love of others, and the growing love for myself.

That was a while ago now, a much needed while. I am now confident enough, about myself, and about you. That we will recognize the intention in our hearts and minds to give each other space and truly connect. For only then can we blossom, and see who we truly are. Let us not judge by assumption, but experience from genuine interest, and accept what is here right now. Only when we ask the right questions do we elicit change. From within.

And that is why I started this blog. To let my inner needs and experiences become manifest. To get in touch with my friends in the now, and those yet to come.
Are you with me?

10 thoughts on “A new beginning…

    • SÃ… kjdelig med data-trøbbel og nÃ¥r ingen kan hjuore,irpiterende!Plndes stripa var bare knaill morsom:) HÃ¥per at trøbbelet ditt gir seg snart! Klem Eva

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